Podcast & Video

I. Podcasts

I have contributed as a multimedia correspondent on a number of my editorial projects, as well as appeared on syndicated news segments on travel, as part of L’Aventure Travel, I currently host and produce the Suitcase Sojourn Podcast, and previously co-hosted the Caftan Mondays Podcast.

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II. Video

Currently shooting a new web series “Culture Connection” and regularly hosting travel and how-to videos for the L’Aventure Travel Youtube Channel.

III. Producing

I have worked behind the scenes as a producer on the above, as well as commercial, new media and photography projects. Including:

  • Digital Producer: Brand social & web videos (including hotel property videos) and podcasts
  • Production Coordinator: National commercials with Radke, Steam, Untitled in Toronto and NYC
  • Photography Producer: commercial and stock imagery projects in USA, Canada, UK, China
  • Field producer: Documentary “Oye Cuba” filmed in Havana and NYC


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